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The film Son of God is more than an inspiring movie, it is a beautiful meditation on the life of our Lord. In this holy time of Lent and Easter, I especially encourage all Christians to experience this powerful film.

- ACardinal Donald Wuerl
Archbishop of Washington, DC

In SON OF GOD, through a cinematic recreation of events, we get to witness the sacrifices Jesus endured for our sins. The scenes of the movie, particularly of Our Lord’s Passion, bear a striking resemblance to the Stations of the Cross, and can be used as a way to meditate and reflect on His self-giving loving sacrifice for us during this season of Lent.

- Archbishop Joseph Kurtz
Archdiocese of Louisville, KY
and President of the US Catholic Conference of Bishops (USCCB)

The SON OF GOD, seeks to make present in a powerful and engaging way the person of Jesus Christ. This film can benefit the people of God as an expression of the New Evangelization, especially during the season of Lent as we prepare to celebrate our Easter salvation in the Lord. This movie has a great potential for leading people to a closer understanding of Jesus Christ and could help those who see it come closer to an authentic encounter with God among us.

- Archbishop Gustavo García-Siller
Diocese of San Antonio, Texas

It is my prayerful hope that people of all faith traditions will go see SON OF GOD and discuss and reflect upon the inspiring account of the life, love and sacrifice of Christ. During this Lenten season, prayerful reflection regarding the life and sacrifices of Christ is of central importance. Viewing this inspiring film is a wonderful way to center our reflection in this contemplative and holy period.

- Bishop Kevin Vann
Diocese of Orange County, California

Son of God is fantastic. I really encourage you to go to your local theater and see it because it really brings the person of Jesus Christ so alive. It makes his humanness come out in such a beautiful way and also the fact that he is the Son of God and how that was revealed to the people of His day and is still being revealed to us today. This is a way to re-connect with the person of Jesus. I hope you come to the theater and bring someone with you. It will be a great treat for yourself and a great way to encounter the Lenten season.

- Bishop Rickens
Diocese of Green Bay, Wisconsin

The contrasting scenes in SON OF GOD which show Peter professing his love for Christ and his eventual betrayal, defy description and must be seen and experienced. The drama of the human condition is captured here, especially when Peter panics at Jesus’ stare, realizing he heard him say “I do not know the man.” As we journey toward Easter, let us try to match our prayerful thoughts with worthy acts, like visiting the sick and other unselfish, Christ-like deeds.

- Bishop William F. Murphy
Diocese of Rockville Centre

It is my sincerest hope that this movie reminds all who watch of the love that Jesus Christ has for all of us, that it energizes our faith during Lent and leads us all to a deeper relationship with the Lord, and upon His rising on Easter morning, reminds us He is the Son of God.

- Archbishop Jerome E. Listecki
Diocese of Milwaukee

In viewing the movie I was touched by so many scenes that brought to life what I already experienced interiorly through the Scriptures. However, I was particularly touched by the portrayal of the last supper. For me as a Catholic, it was extremely important that this episode be portrayed in its fullness. I am grateful for all who have worked on this movie.

- Richard C Hanifen
Bishop Emeritus of Colorado Springs

Son of God is an engaging and compelling presentation of the story of Jesus, the Son of God among us. It is a joy to watch this film bring alive the pages of the gospel and help us see what those who lived at the time of Jesus experienced.

- Cardinal Donald Wuerl
Archbishop of Washington, DC

Each one of us is a son or daughter of God. It is a wonderful, awesome reality. The movie SON OF GOD is a very important film, because it gives us the opportunity, especially now as Lent begins – to realize God’s daily presence in our own lives, just as the apostles experienced it in the person of Jesus.

- Archbishop Jose Gomez
Archbishop of Los Angeles

Whether you have known Christ for many years, or you are looking to meet him for the first time, 'Son of God' is a movie that will speak to your heart and nourish your soul. This is a film that does not simply tell you about Christ, but puts you in the midst of his life, allowing you to see firsthand his public ministry, his love for humanity, and the death he suffered that we might have life eternal.

- Carl Anderson
Supreme Knight, Knights of Columbus

Son of God is a timeless gift of cinema that calls upon people of every faith to stop and reflect on the eternal impact of Jesus Christ, and global impact of Christianity. With its rich production and timely release, Son of God is a wonderful ally in the New Evangelization. I encourage every Catholic to see this film, particularly on opening weekend.


— Tom Peterson
Founder and President, Catholics Come Home, Inc.

It brings to life the Bible in a visibly beautiful way. It is a wonderful tool for the new evangelization. I'd encourage you to go see the film, and also to take a friend with you.


— Lisa Hendey,
A author and Founder of

Unlike any film of the past decade, this Biblical epic brings Christ to life in dazzling ways. From the powerful acting, to the stunning visual effects, to the moving orchestral score of Hans Zimmer, you'll experience the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus in new and illuminating ways.


— Brandon Vogt,
Fr. Robert Barron's Word on Fire Ministries


It is a remarkable film, and I can for see many ways in which it could be used for our works of evangelization in our own time. Many people, especially our young people, are drawn to the visual in their lives, and this film is a superb use of modern film-making to capture the imaginations and the hearts of all.


— His Eminence, Cardinal Roger M. Mahoney
Archbishop Emeritus of Los Angeles


In this movie, you feel like Jesus is alive, like He is in your backyard.  It feels like the scenes just happened a week ago, and you were there, or you could easily go see Him. Our children are bombarded with so many bad movies and messages. The message of this film is beautiful.  It's a movie you can see with the kids, and they will love it. It will help them learn what our Savior and God went through.  I encourage you to see this with your kids and your friends. I was amazed how well it was done.

— Immaculée Ilibagiza

Author, Speaker, Left To Tell