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— Tom Peterson
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Study Guide Materials

The Diocese of Washington, DC in conjunction with Msgr Brian Bransfield, Associate General Secretary of the USCCB, have put together a Reflection Booklet and Video Series guide based on “Son of God”.  When used together, viewers are encouraged to contemplate the deeper meaning of select scenes and their associated scripture passages.  This is an excellent way for students to see the movie as a group, or as a family, and then engage in meaningful spiritual conversation afterward. At the end of each section of the guide and video series, a series of questions are presented for discussion and reflection either as a group or as an individual.



The following catechetical video guides based on the film Son of God have been adapted from the Son of God Reflection and Discussion Guide written by Msgr. J. Brian Bransfield, S.T.D.





The Call of Saint Peter

Walking on Water

The Last Supper


The Confrontation with Pilate